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Top Drug Warrior Distortions

Special: "Lies, Damned Lies, & Drug War Statistics," a book forum presented by the Cato Institute on May 31, 2007. Audio available for download, or check out the video streamed in Real format.
Distortion 22: Marijuana & Violence Distortion 21: US Crime Rates & Arrest Rates
Distortion20: Methamphetamines Distortion 19: Drug War Economics 101: Estimating the Value of the Illicit Drug Market
Special: NORML's Truth Report 2005, An Analysis & Response To The Drug Czar's Open Letter About Marijuana Special: Debunking The Myths — Chronic Pain & Opiods, by Frank Fisher, MD
Distortion 18: Cannabis and Mental Illness Distortion 17: Cannabis and Drug Treatment Part II
Distortion 16: ONDCP's "Open Letter About Marijuana" Distortion 15: People Only Smoke Pot To Get High, Whereas They Drink Alcohol To Be Sociable
Distortion 14: Cannabis and Drug Treatment Distortion 13: US Crime Rates
Distortion 12: Cannabis and Driving Distortion 11: Marijuana Potency
Distortion 10: Young People and Drugs Distortion 9: Cannabis As Medicine
Distortion 8: Ecstasy Distortion 7: Gateway
Distortion 6: Emergency Room Visits Distortion 5: Methadone Treatment
Distortion 4: Harm Reduction - Australia v. US Distortion 3: Needle Exchange
Distortion 2: Drug Use Estimates Distortion 1: Drug Use Post-Prohibition

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